with Niki Hardy

    I want to help you grab the most out of life, no matter gets thrown at you. But I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes time and honesty. If you're like me you've wrestled with questions like

    • How can I trust God when I look around and my life’s a mess?
    • How do I hear God’s voice when life’s so noisy and what does it sound like anyway?
    • Does God really love me like He says and if He does, how can I feel it in my heart, not just know it in my head?
    • How do I fight the lies I believe and the self doubt and shame I struggle with when I feel powerless? 

    In our monthly Thrive Tribe Live teachings and devotions we'll wrestle with these questions and more, discovering practical tools to not just survive when life is hard, but thrive.  

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